Horse-breeding at Oddsstaðir has been a long-time occupation. The goal is to breed versatile and good-looking gaited horses which are willing and good-tempered. All the horses bred at Oddsstaðir are registered in the WorldFengur system and have the hallmark of quality from BI.

The breeding is mainly based on four brood mares Nótt IS1970235713 from Oddsstöðum, Freyju IS1972235715 from Oddsstöðum, Flugsvinn IS1964235491 from Hvanneyri and Grána IS1980235713 frá Oddsstöðum.


The breeding-mares are chosen after they have been trained at home. In that way it is possible to make sure that different natural factors (e.g. dependable temperament) satisfy our requirements. At same time, we choose the ones that have good conformation and naturally good riding abilities. In the breeding, we try to use only the best possible stallions available. We usually get between 5 and 8 foals each year.


In breeding we have Brák and her first five offspring received very fine assessments. The stallions all are assessed over 8 in total. We have offcourse used them on some of our own mares. We now have Logi for service for mares, while Neisti and Bráinn are sold.


More information about the breeding mares: Here


Oddsstaðir allso provide fine stallions - more information: Here

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