From riding tours

Lonely rider
Riding through lupins
Horses in the mountains
Gardar Halldórsson
Bridge over Hvitá
Horses and flowers
The sheep heard crossing Lambá
On the beach and Snæfellsjökull in the back
Swimming with horse while crossing Grimsá
Horseswimming in Grimsá
Crossing Grimsá
Back on the farm 2008
The herd is running
Resting at Þorfhvalastaðir
On the road again
Keeping track of the herd
In the footsteps af settlers
Following the footsteps of the settlers
The bus
Leaving the farm 2009

Lunchbreak 2008

New shoes for Snerrir 2008

Horses next to the church at Kolbeinsstaðir 2008

Bassi on guard

Rolling on the stones 2008

The herd in the mountains on the first viking tour

New shoes at Þingvellir

Decending to Hvalfjöður

In the mountains on the viking tour

Traditional icelandic food

Watering the horses at Þingvallavatn

Changing for rain 2005

Going home from Snæfellsnes 2005

Snæfellsness 2009

Crossing Grimsá

In the mountains


Göran, Oddur and Gardar

At the beach 2009

Paddock af Grimsstaðir

On the beach 2009

Eating break for people

Eating break for horses

Crossing water

The herd

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